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Oct 16, 2012 10:30am PDT
was the life expectancy? was that a good decision for the mta to make, was it one that we had to make under the circumstances and is it policy to do that in the future? that's my question. >> i will give you the information that i have. the fleet you are referring to is the nobe fleet, that happened before i got here and those were purchased, my understanding, through ec transit working on some additional vehicles and options that they had. i think at the time it was useful because we were looking to upgrade our vehicles at the time and get newer vehicles on the fleet sooner, in the fleet sooner. is that our policy to do that? no. we're taking the opportunity now and going back to a normal procurement cycle. i think the nobe fleet is smaller than our normal fleet, normal is 200 vehicles. policy question would be would we approach it that way in the future? probably not. we bought them during the useful life so now within the region they are eligible for replacement funds and we're doing so. >> i would think based on today we would actually make a decision to buy new vehicles. >> now we
Oct 16, 2012 2:00pm PDT
and was continued for a week so we can review additional information provided by the mta. this item did not come without recommendation. we thought this item was one that had a lot of questions for it and it's something that i think all of us have to think very deeply about whether we want to support or not. in a nutshell it authorizes the mta to executive the lease with an initial term of 20 years. there is also two 5-year options to extend the lease. it represents roughly 12.7 acres of space with 255,000 square feet of rental space. this process was initiated because the current 13 acres site where the mta's operation exist at pier 70 is planned for development work, but also to another extent because of the space at pier 70 is not increasingly a space that is ideal for the operational needs of the mta. i think there were a lot of really great questions that were raised by the committee members, but also i think supervisor campos was at one of the meetings with us and raised a lot of very legitimate questions. some of the concerns that were raised i just want too flag for folks, had to do with
Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
understand what the linkage is between planning and dpw and mta. i could also see how we could move forward with better market street without having a clear understanding of what planning has in mind in terms of land use. it could be that way. i think it's important to show the linkage so we know why we're trying to coordinate this. >> if i could add, you mentioned the grant commitments. we are mindful of the dates those grants will expire and we will ensure we will meet those. >> commissioner chu. >> i want to build on one thing that supervisor wiener said. i agree, your work to be excellent and i cannot imagine how frustrating this experience must be for staff trying to coral different bureaucracies. it seems as if there's four bureaucracies. dpw, planning, mta and ota. who is arbitrating, given you report to the head of dpw. my guess you can't tell four or five department heads what everyone is going to do. who is ultimately making those decisions? i am more than happy if it takes a convening of members of the board of supervisors or department heads to figure this out. i would love if t
Oct 16, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of the mta, i would be supportive of this item going forward. thank you. >> supervisor cohen? >> thank you. thank you, mr. president and good afternoon colleagues. i just wanted to bring to your attention i have received a couple of questions from residents that live in visitation valley and the little hollywood neighborhoods. i would like to call up sfmta cristen, if she here to answer a couple of questions that i will put forward. thank you. it's good to see you. so i was just going to give you three questions that summarizes some of the concerns that i have heard since our meeting. how will this use be compatible with the adjacent neighborhoods? what is the schedule and the nature of the tow operations? what will it be? what are the traffic impacts and what role will our neighbors have addressing the site or access employment opportunities on the site? >> thank you, cristen mcgeary. we received the questions from your constituent and i'm happy to answer them. the impact on the adjacent neighborhood is that it's just over the border in daly city. daly city went through an extensive
Oct 10, 2012 11:30pm PDT
and to move training in there as well as other mta uses. so, would you like me to go over that? i know it's very complicate and had looks like an octopus but it's a complicated list of recommendations, again, to rebuild and better utilize our facilities. >> i think perhaps if i could provide some guidance to go through some of the point that is were covered in the memo because i know the mta will be back to us before december 31st to talk to us about the facilities master plan? >> yes. would you like me to move on to why we have to move out of pier 70 or have we covered that enough? >> i think just going over the other sites that you had considered. >> we'll talk about net present value. >> those were the two questions. >> so, the net present value for the lease, we've looked at different ways, if you look at it including the building expenses for a ten year lease, it would be 21 million and for a 20 year lease, it would be approximately 38 million. if you look at it excluding the building expenses, which is reflecting the lease payment of 65 cents a square foot as opposed to 80 cents a
Oct 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
as a bike project with input from the mta and the community. the treatment of the bike facility, covering market, sorry, second street between market and king. i will flag as the executive director mentioned. applications for 1 bay area grant funds are due at the end of the month. d.p.w. will submit this for obag funding. another one i want to mention because it's starting to kick off is prop k funded several years ago, an annallocation. that grant was received and done really before the m.t.a. and city realized they needed a complete streets bond. i believe a couple weeks ago, the m.t.a. kicked off community comprehensive planning and walking tours and all sorts of efforts to try to coordinate pedestrian count downs from union to market street. keep an eye out for further input on that. another one of the bicycle projects included in prop k allocation is the long awaited market and valencia street gap projects which deals with accommodating a left turn. i won't go into the details, but the good news is construction should start this month. a couple of the pedestrian safety projects in th
Oct 3, 2012 11:30am PDT
raised over the years about the mta. so the questions i have are not about them but specifically about the specifics of this lease. so if i may, through the chair, if i can ask -- i don't know if it is mr. risken or ms. boes to come up. before i go into some of the questions about the lease -- let me say a couple points: one, i don't question the need to move out of this site. that it is inadequate, there are many challenges that are presented to people who work there. i think that goes without question. clearly, we need to move. i don't believe we should move and move into something that is essentially a bad deal. i don't think that moving for the sake of moving justifies entering into a deal that is not good for the city. so the question is, is this a good deal for the city. the first question that comes up, to be honest, goes to the last point -- last couple of points that mr. rose made. this company bought this for $21 million. over the course of a 20-year lease we will pay about $70 million in rent. even if we hadn't just spnt the $21 million, if we had financed that purchase, you
Oct 9, 2012 5:00am PDT
to rehabilitate 80 diesel buses. this contract is reflective of mta's increased focus on maintenance and years of deferred maintenance of their bus fleet. this will help reduce bus breakdowns and increase reliability. supervisor respectfully requests your support. the mta is here. >> thank you very much. the mta. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm nelson how from the mta. this project is to rehabilitate 80 buses. the main purpose is provide reliable buses and extend lives of these buses in order for us to be able to face the procurement of the buses and reduce average age of buses and make them more reliable for service. >> and the dollar value is included in your budget? >> it is -- yes, ma'am. it is $19.1 million. >> okay. why don't we go to the budget analyst report. >> madam chair and members of committee, the capital project budget is $20,690,000, that includes the proposed 19.1 million agreement, as well as a million and 600 thousand for related sfmta costs. the agreement expenditures, as you can see in the resolution, are limited to $12 million pending certification by controler of 4.1
Oct 4, 2012 11:30pm PDT
with people making money on the other side, just don't want the mta to be taken advantage of. i think we need to get -- because if this is something that -- you know, if this is something that is a systemic problem where we are missing out on these opportunities, i would like to know how this happened because i think it really is an important issue. >> fair enough. >>> good morning, supervisors. i'm kirsten mcgeary, senior management real estate, mta. so it's been a long process for us to find this site. we have looked at a number of properties for many years. we've been asked, why this site? we've looked at sites owned by goodmans. for instance, 12 to 13 acres in the southeast industrial area. it would take an eminent domain process. there's 20 or more small businesses in that property. the property for the land would be about $40 to $45 million, in addition to build a building the same size, 250,000 square feet would be another $20 to $30 million. we would be in the $60 to $65 million range. we have looked at sites for hazardous materials, south of the facility is owned by pg&e called the m
Oct 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
>> [speaker not understood] with the mta. we worked with offices and city administrator offices city car share to select the spaces, city car share can speak to the specific events that they marketed the various [speaker not understood] for that. >> i'm sorry, you work with mta? >> yes. >> and you said you worked with which company? >> city car share and the city administrator's office. -- to select the spaces. >> okay. >> and your office as well. >> right. thank you for that. so, it was all done in english, is what you're telling me? >> i'm sorry? >> it was all done in english? >> no, i can't speak to that one way or the other. >> that's my question. if someone can speak to that. >> [speaker not understood] for city car share. >> [speaker not understood]. >> sure. we actually did over 12 different outreaches in the various neighborhoods, particularly in the neighborhoods that had no existing car sharing before. to answer your specific question, we did do an outreach piece in spanish. we did not do one in chinese. we planned to, we wanted to, but did not get one out. we worked w
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
. >> for this we have ed with the mta and sinaly. >> good afternoon, ed riskos, transportation director. i want to thank you for shuffling the agenda to accommodate this item, which is of great importance to the agency, which is why i wanted to be here so you could hear from my firsthand about it. what is before you is a resolution that would approve a leaswe have been seeing quite sometime that would solve a number of challenges we are currently facing. therefore it is very important to the agency. we have a wide array of assets in the mta across the city that we use to operator all the modes of transit that we operator, or transportation that we're responsible for, the lion's share which of course is muni. because of the diversity and age and condition of the assets, the real estate assets we have, about a year ago, at the direction of our board, we initiated real estate master planning study, which is coming close to completion. one of the main impetuses is not just the deteriorating state of many of the assets we work in, some of which we own and some of which we lease, but also as we look
Oct 8, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, mta. so it's been a long process for us to find this site. we have looked at a number of properties for many years. we've been asked, why this site? we've looked at sites owned by goodmans. for instance, 12 to 13 acres in the southeast industrial area. it would take an eminent domain process. there's 20 or more small businesses in that property. the property for the land would be about $40 to $45 million, in addition to build a building the same size, 250,000 square feet would be another $20 to $30 million. we would be in the $60 to $65 million range. we have looked at sites for hazardous materials, south of the facility is owned by pg&e called the marantz and another site by jenon, that needs a lot of remediation. we have looked at port properties with state trusts on them. it's been a long process. this property we have negotiated for 14 months with prologis. it was a tough set of negotiations. this side has been through a lot of due diligence. the price of $21 million versus going out and finding another site, is they were able to move more quickly than the city and mta were able
Oct 3, 2012 12:30pm PDT
the needs of the mta, whether they are on the market for sale or not? have you done that inventory? >> on market property that is either for lease or available, there is a commercial -- call that a listing service called cold star and loop net we all use looking for property. if we identify a property we are interested in, we go and talk to the ownership to see if there is an interest. >> that wasn't my question. have you done an inventory of every single -- it is not for prologis but broker. >> the answer is have i done an inventory of every property. no, i of course not. but i have done inventory of all the propertis that meet requirements that sfmta has and it doesn't exist. >> you can guarantee this committee that if -- >> as much as you can guarantee that you can close on a transaction. that is a very harsh use of the word guarantee. >> if i -- hold on one second. >> let me ask the question first. >> if we can have the question asked, then the answer follow. >> thank you. let me ask you the question first. let's say we go down the road and actually approve this lease, right. c
Oct 3, 2012 9:30pm PDT
more quickly than the city and mta were able to move. we did purchase a site recently for our sustainable street shots. again, did a lease with an option to buy. we were able to convince prologis to have right of first negotiation. they didn't want to sell. they are a real estate investment trust, they just purchased this property last summer so need to gone rate dividends for shareholders. this enables sfmta the time to get our money together to purchase. we would like to purchase before 20 years, no doubt about it. >> again, i appreciate the information and i appreciate the work you've put into . this my question was not what other properties you have looked at but if we have known since 2004 there was a need to move somewhere else, if have known two years, got notice from the port for two years, that's a long time, how it is if we knew we had this need, why is it that someone like that would be able to move in quicker than we? is there something about the way in which the real estate department at the mta approaches its deals that makes it hard for you to be competitive rel
Oct 3, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. when they went on the market, who was the previous own other, how the mta worked towards pursuing the property, how it was that -- we have a longer process to buy property in terms of moving quickly but trying to see how they start this whole process of jockeying to actually own the property now that we lost out. would that be the real estate prices from the mta? so who was the previous owner of the property when it initially went on. >> a local small developer called d.r. stevens. >> what was the previous use before vacated in 2011. >> the u.s. postal service operated out there. >> how did the mta first hear about it? the broker contact the mta or the mta did the work -- >> we were looking and, like i say, brokers contact me every day. brokers contacted me before it was sold and after it was sold. >> what was your initial -- who was the brokerage who contacted you? >> james swarz regarding after it was sold. >> the broker works for the mta or a private -- >> their commission is paid through the seller. >> okay. and just wondering if the broker had contacted other groups to purcha
Oct 16, 2012 8:30pm PDT
, but knowledge of my success to operate the mta taxi detail electronic base. it feels good knowing that this work is created data sharing capability. thank you very much. >> congratulations and thank you on behalf of the board and the people of san francisco. good work. before we proceed with the next one, members -- my intention this afternoon is to move item 11 up in the first thing in the calendar after the -- after the report. with members' consent we'll do that. if you're hear for the taxi items we will do that first and come back to the public comment consent calendar after that. >> mr. mayor chan for the record we are trying to find an overflow room. however because of the fire codes, it's not permissible for people to stand against the walls or sit on the floor. so if you are one of those well ask you to either find a chair or you'll have to stand outside and we will hopefully get an overflow room open as soon as possible. >> okay. next item. >> continuing on, finally i'd like to ask mr. john haily and ms. kimberly robinson to come forward from the transit division. a great story here tha
Oct 22, 2012 1:30am PDT
that is a real critical need we have within the mta. >> yes. well, part of the response is that it is partially driven by funding sources. one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain fleet reliability is replace the fleet at the end of its useful life. we have been -- >> based on funding sources or based on what is best practices? >> it is based on best practices. it's informed the policies that guide the funding allocations both at the federal level and at the regional level through fta and through the mtc. in the last several years we have had opportunities to get kind of one-time funding sources for the rehabilitation of our fleet. we focus those on key components of our light rail vehicles and also a portion of our bus fleet as well. we are looking for opportunities to fund the rehabilitation. they are just not -- they don't come on the regular cycles through the standard transportation bill. they are more one-time opportunities that we look forward to to help support those. >> can you show what federal allocation from ta to mt last year? we have replacement doors then there was somethi
Oct 19, 2012 6:30am EDT
a keep you safe or invasion of your privacy. watch you do and say because the mta is watching you. >> sex abuse and the boy scouts including here in maryland. new information after cases dating back to 1959 suddenly are made public. >> banned from homecoming. was it bad behavior or rowdiness or terrible grades? try an old -- overdue library book. those stories are straight ahead. thanks for joining us and happy try. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. an overdue book. >> don't mess with thelibrarians. >> lynette, is it going to stop you from going out this weekend? >> no they won't stop me. nothing is stopping me from going out this weekend. nothing should stop you either as we head on through today. we are looking at the radar and we do have showers and storms lingering up towards the north showers around harford county and cecil county but look what we have down in virginia. this is making its way off towards the north and east once again. so we have a big batch of more rain moving in here we can see this big swirl in the atmosphere moving off towards the north. we don't have t
Oct 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
brief. i want to thank the mta for their presentation and the work they have done around this matter. i also want to say that i thank supervisor cohen for her questions. she rightly raised a couple of issues that i hadn't thought about, which are important. the impact that this kind of operation could have on the surrounding neighborhoods, even though it's technically in daly city. and i appreciate that there was an environmental review. the thing about it though is at least as presented the focus seemed to be on what happens in daly city, and the more i think about it, i think it would have been helpful to maybe do outreach in some of the surrounding neighbors that are actually in san francisco. whether it's vernal heights and other parts around bayshore boulevard area. so i think that raises another set of concerns that i hadn't really thought about. let me say that i want to thank the chair of the budget committee for the fact that there was a very, i think, substantive discussion of this item. and i know that a lot of work went into it and i understand why some of my colleagues wil
Oct 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
been in discussion with mta. they have agreed to be the sponsor and internally developing a project and schedule tol -- schedule to deliver and other authorities as well. >> thank you. >> finishing up on ellis and eddie, attachment 3, the authority submitted a bunch of projects because when we do plans we have to work with implementing agencies primarily and make sure they take ownership. ellison eddie will follow up. one of the other points is estimate was around $6 million, a big bite. maybe we can phase or backfill so we will follow up with your office. >> okay. let's go ahead and open for public comment. >> good afternoon, committee members. my name is tony moran with san francisco park and rec. i would like to say how excite wed are to have the project corridor considered and speak to the prop a funding. currently mancel is a four-lane highway that cuts the park in half. it does not provide pedestrian or bicycle -- any type facilities. the proposed improvements will include a road dike that would reduce four lanes two, adding curb, sidewalks and pedestrian lanes, bicyclists an
Oct 17, 2012 6:30am PDT
, the prop k is about 17%, consistent with the prop k strategic plan. we also have planned mta bonds and a small piece from state sources. so my presentation so far is on replacement of existing fleet. that is a one-for-one replacement of things we have. we also have in the plan look to the future, look at what the future vehicle needs will be, how do we accommodate growth, how do we plan for significant projects we are investing in. so there are two types of things that can happen. there can be project specific changes, like the transit effectiveness project or central subway, which would lead to changes in the vehicle mix. the other is the projected growth within the city in terms of the number of jobs and the population within the city. so it is those combination of projects and growth factors that we look at to see how the fleet would need to change over time. so i will show you a few slides on how we build up that analysis. so the last time we estimated our long-term demand we looked out to the year 2030 and we forecast about a 46% increase in travel by transit, so this was the
Oct 22, 2012 1:00am PDT
in prop k funds to the mta for the targeted system overhaul project. this was because, in part, midlife overhaul like major capital maintenance of the vehicles hadn't occurred as would have been ideal and service was being affected. it is also something is authority has known since the prop b sales tax was in place. perhaps the single most capital invsment muni was able to do that provides something for the riding public with this fleet. this proves the capital investment and importance of maintaining vehicles properly so they operator reliably through the end of their life. a good taxpayer benefit and benefits the riding public. we have known through our 5ypp the mta was working on the changes to the street plan and taking i want consideration the changes in the effectiveness project. he will give you an overview with procurements in the next five years. this is also teing up part two of an allocation the board approved in july. this was an initial allocation, about 400,000 for -- it was called then the navi replacement but in normal people, replacing older diesel hybrid electric motor
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 615 (some duplicates have been removed)